Hena Nafis

Health, Nutrition and lifestyle consultancy

360 degree approach providing patients with holistic health consultancy.

Kolkata’s first health food café cum bakery

A culmination of Hena’s love for food and travel and her experience in diet consulting.

Healthy wholesome meals delivered to your doorstep

Subscription meal plans supplying to clientele across Kolkata.

Nutrition and child obesity clinic

Tackling the growing nutritional issues and child obesity problems prevalent in India.

About Hena Nafis

Hena Nafis is one of Eastern India’s leading nutritionist and lifestyle consultant.

She completed her graduation in nutrition from John Moores University, UK, and also holds a MSc. degree in Food Science and Technology from Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia. Along with this, she holds a certificate of Training in Childhood and Adolescent Weight Management from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, US and a certification in Nutrigenetics, recognised by NUGO Association, Netherlands. She also specialises in Personalised Nutrition – dietary therapy based on ones genetic make up. She is also a member of the Indian Dietetic Association and American Dietetic Association. Having served a stint at prominent hospitals of Kolkata as a consultant, she opened ‘Nutrience’ in 2007, one of Kolkata’s first nutrition and lifestyle clinics with a client base of more than 20,000 patients from all over the world including USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and many more.Hena’s education and travel abroad have invested in her an exposure to world cuisines, which enable her to guide even an international clientele and Indian students moving abroad. Her personal involvement has motivated clients to eat intuitively and responsibly. Imbued with great taste in the culinary arts, she has mentored many in their personal discovery of ‘healthy and tasty food’. Hena then turned a nutritional entrepreneur with her many successful ‘good-food’-ventures.Hena has been a columnist with The Telegraph for over a decade and has been invited as a keynote speaker for various corporate events of FICCI, Pepsi Co., RPG Group, Wipro and Bariatric Surgery Conference. Over the years, she has been associated with multiple NGOs and is deeply interested in in the realm of public health.

Initiative in Public Health

Hena is deeply interested in pursuing public health and has engaged in projects to serve the nourishment needs of the urban slum children. After studying the nutrition pattern of the slums, Hena introduced and sponsored the ‘milk and fruit’ program and partnered with NGO, Tiljala Shed. This initiative delivered measurable and documented results of a growth spurt in these malnourished children.

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To prove the value of what you have to offer, why not let your happy clients do the talking?

Hena has over 20,000+ clients from all over the world including USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and many more.Hear it directly from our esteemed clients below.

Holistic Health Consultancy

Nutrience’s 360 degree approach helps in providing our patients with holistic health consultancy.
Numerous counselling sessions are conducted to understand the mental make-up of patients, their challenges and their goals before preparing  guidelines. Coaching is then offered on lifestyle, health and nutrition in accordance to a patient’s condition.

Customized Diet Charts

We believe in a diet of inclusion rather than exclusion. Dietary and lifestyle solutions are tailormade to tackle quirks, tastes, needs and problems that vary across every individual.

Empathetic Handholding

Nutrience incorporates
motivational and behavioral
theories while planning diets to make them sustainable and and a way of life. The idea is to bring about permanent change for the better rather than indulging in pendulum diets that can have a severely adverse impact on a patient’s health. Rigorous followups and reviews help us keep the well-intentioned health-seeker on a sure-shot road to better health and well being.

You are what you eat

Consulting at Nutrience is not just
about losing weight but to help individuals tackle or prevent serious health and lifestyle issues like obesity, diabetes, heart problems, eating disorders, hormonal disorders, digestive issues, food allergies and intolerance and even cancer.

Say no to fad diets

The modern world is replete with mis-information and food fads. Nutrience ensures proper mentoring preventing you from falling prey to these short-cut methods that cause you more harm than good.

Evidence-based nutritional therapy

The approach at Nutrience is
evidence-based nutritional therapy
to prevent the onset of diseases,
reverse existing ones and not
simply use nutrition to pander
needs of superficial vanity.

You could enroll in a package to suit your needs

Other services

The Nutrience team of dedicated and experienced nutritionists under the supervision of Hena Nafis additionally offer these services.

Corporate Wellness

Tailor made programs and
workshops for improving
employee-health and
increasing efficiency and
productivity. Clients serviced
include Wipro, Saffola, Pepsi,
RPG-Sanjeev Goenka Group
and many more.

School Wellness

Lifestyle solutions to improve
and enhance the health of
students. Nutrience works in
collaboration with the school
to conducted workshops on
health awarness, frame school
wellness policies , supervise
the setting up of fitness
gyms and curate healthy
and nutritious menus for the
school canteens in the ambit of
this program.


Nutrience assists restaurants
in analysing the nutritional
content of their menu by
calculating its macros to the
finest details.

Hygiene Audits

Nutrience conducts intensive
food hygiene inspections in
office and school canteens,
cafeterias and central kitchens
along with food safety trainings
and spread awareness about
food hygiene and nutrition.

Nutrience Kids Fitness Studio addresses growing nutritional issues and child obesity problems in India.

Nearly 30% of urban children in India suffer from obesity, out of which 90% continue to be plagued by obesity as adults. It is a rampant public health issue and a cause of urban concern that can have serious ramifications on the health of the new generation. It has been found that child obesity often leads to low self-esteem, depression, bullying at school and body shaming – other related emotional disorders that are life-impacting.
Children as young as 9-10 years are suffering from pre-diabetes and fatty liver issues due to poor lifestyle.

Some of the main reasons for child-obesity are:

Nutrience Kids Fitness Studio offers exclusive child-centric programmes for children aging 6-14 years designed around

Healthy and low calorie = Insipid taste.

This was a reality that EGF changed since its launch in 2015.
Health-conscious people have now been provided with an option of eating tasty and healthy food in a café environment. Eat Good Food took the guilt out of ‘eating out’!
The menu was personally created by Hena Nafis and her team of trained professionals, providing a healthy twist to popular dishes (pizzas, pav bhaji, etc.) while keeping their desired nutritional and health quotient intact. The menu provides you with options like ‘the keto pizza’ or the low calorie dessert to help you manage your calorific allocation while enjoying good food.
The dishes are tasty and nutritious at the same time. They are made using seasonal products, having the perfect mix of home-grown and internationally-sourced materials. The menu is customised to provide various options like: low calorie, low-glycemic index, high-protein or keto. EGF also offers catering services at corporate events and parties, along with healthy snacks at Inox Multiplex in Quest Mall, Kolkata.







A common urban problem faced while consulting dieticians is the inability to follow the prescribed diets because of lack of resources – either time or knowhow or non-availability of ingredients. My Meal Works is a meal subscription plan that delivers healthy food for specific diets to your office or home and saves you the bother.
All meals – personal optimised diet-meal boxes – are curated using fresh ingredients, calorie counted and tailored to your diet goals whether you are looking for keto, high protein or balanced meals.
They are prepared under the guidance of Hena Nafis and her team of expert chefs in a kitchen environment that maintains stringent standards on cleanliness and hygiene.
This subscription is ideal for working people, students living alone, bachelors and others who find it difficult to rely on domestic cooking staff.